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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cucumbers on Eyes

Identify the cause of eye bags

The number one cause of dark circles and eye bags are allergies. Learn to study your body's reaction to products or foods that you suspect as the real cause of your eye bags. If you found your allergen, try to avoid it at all cost to prevent dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles and puffiness can also be hereditary and from lack of sleep. 

Decreases Puffy Eyes

One of the best known beauty tricks associated with cucumbers is their ability to decrease puffy eyes. Research has found that cucumbers contain a high amount of ascorbic acid, which help to prevent water retention. More than 90% of the cucumber consists of water and are helpful both in keeping your body hydrated, as well as preventing the signs of dehydration from popping up on your face. When fresh slices are placed over your eyes, it is the cooling effect of the water in the cucumberstogether with increased humidity, that reduces the swelling. Some products contain extracts of cucumber, which in high concentration may help to improve the hydration of the skin. Gentle massage also helps.
Apply cool tea bags

A good alternative of cucumber is to apply cool tea bags to the eyes. It can imitate the coldness of cucumber and can help reduce the puffiness of your eyes. Just put a cold water to the tea bag and place it to the affected area before sleeping.

Don't rub your eyes

Rubbing your eyes can trigger allergies. Rubbing irritates the skin which results to more redness and darkening of the skin.