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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brazilian...French...Bikini... Oh My!

You know this has been a topic of discussion on those slow, dragging work days. You’re at your desk or in the break room and someone one brings up waxing…then the questions start rolling in…"Is a Brazilian everything taken off? Is your hinny waxed in a french? Just how much is waxed in a bikini?" The questions go on and on.  Here's a bit of info explaining the difference.  

Bikini Wax - The bikini wax removes the hair on your bikini line. Anything that grows past your hip-line or underwear line will be waxed. Anything more will be extra, or you can look into getting the French wax!

French Wax - This waxing goes in a little farther than the bikini wax. Leaving a small landing strip and your tush is not waxed.

Brazilian Wax - For anyone wanting it all gone....and i mean EVERYTHING! The Brazilian wax starts as a regular bikini, cleaning up the sides, and going in and down, little by little. For the tush, you will simply pull your knees towards your chest and the tush is waxed fast and modestly, you will not be put on all fours like the old method. The Brazilian Wax is my most popular waxing procedure.

Hope the next time you schedule your wax appointment, you will know exactly what to book.